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Gods in Four Colors

18 December 1949
I originally joined LiveJournal for gaming-related reasons: to post writeups of games in my several roleplaying campaigns, read writeups posted by my players either for my campaigns or for other campaigns that they run or play in, join and contribute to communities created for these various campaigns, and otherwise exchange campaign-relevant information. That's largely gone by the wayside, as only about one of my current players is active on LiveJournal. Nonetheless, about half my posts seem to be about games I run, books I write for Steve Jackson Games, or more general gaming-related topics.

My roleplaying gaming is currently in transition, with the move to Riverside: I've brought World Class, my superhero campaign inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to an end, partly because I was having trouble getting it to come together. I'm looking at coming down to San Diego every couple of months to run long sessions of my alternate world historical fantasy campaign, Tapestry. I'm going to try to continue playing in The Road to R'lyeh (Call of Cthulhu: encounters with Mythos entities in post-WWII Seattle and environs), run by koressa; one player already skypes in, and if all goes well I'll be the second. I'm going to look around Riverside for tabletop rpgers, especially some who are interested in or open to an emphasis on worldbuilding and roleplaying; but I haven't started gaming in a new city since I first discovered D&D in 1975, so I have no idea what the process will be like.

I also post philosophical, literary, and political comments and random thoughts and jokes. Larger pieces often appear at http://www.troynovant.com/ .

My journal is named to commemorate my regular 'zine in the APA Mutations, which I ceased publishing in January 2005 with monthly issue 253.