January 3rd, 2018

year number

As a science fiction fan, I've associated some future years with titles of specific works. Both 1984 and 2001 are now well past, but for me 2018 is associated with a less well known work, the first novel of James Blish's Cities in Flight series, where it's the year when both the first anti-aging drug and a combined faster-than-light drive/antigravity device are invented—though the political setting is really grim, with the United States and the Soviet Union still locked in an eternal Cold War that has transformed the US into an authoritarian bureaucracy (in one of the later books, Blish comments that the US called itself "anticommunist" and the USSR called itself "antifascist," but in practice they were almost indistinguishable).

I don't know if there are another other notable year numbers ahead of us, until we get to 2100, which has inspired more than one eponymous work.