April 22nd, 2018


Nearly all Star Trek fans are familiar with Dr. McCoy's line "I'm a doctor, not a —!" It's memorable enough to have been parodied—for example, an early issue of Cerebus the Aardvark had a military surgeon deliver a whole series, ending with "I'm a doctor, not a martyr!"

Yesterday C and I went to a small museum in downtown Riverside attached to UC Riverside, which has a small movie theater where we've seen a couple of things. This time we were seeing A Hard Day's Night, which neither of us had seen in many years. And midway through, Ringo was saddled with the task of looking after Paul's grandfather, and protested, "I'm a drummer, not a nursemaid!" Since that film came out in 1964, it was clearly ahead of the Star Trek scriptwriters. . . .