June 1st, 2018


California's next election is this coming Tuesday, 5 June. I've made a practice of voting in elections, but I'm doubting whether I'll vote in this one. It's California's primaries for a lot of offices, under the open primary system, and there are absurd numbers of candidates—25, I think, for governor!—and I've been busy and haven't remotely had time to research any of the candidates. Of course I can cut the lists down somewhat—for example, I won't vote for any Democrat, and still less for candidates from the overtly socialist minor parties—but sorting out whether the Libertarian candidates are actually libertarians, and if not, which of the Republican candidates are not totally intolerable, still takes more time than I have had, or can have in the next four days.

I could just go in and vote no on every ballot proposition that establishes new taxes or authorizes bonds, and maybe I will. But I'm even less motivated than usual.

I'm not happy about the open primary system in any case. It's basically a clever trick to ensure that no Libertarian, Peace and Freedom, Green, or other minor party candidate will ever appear on the November ballot. Even worse, it bans write-in votes on the November ballot, which is a blatant and unethical denial of voter sovereignty. And I've seen past elections where the November vote was for either a Democrat or a Democrat, which is effectively no choice at all (just as having the candidates be two different Republicans would be no choice at all for many other people).