July 29th, 2018

I triumph!

During this weekend's visit to Poway (I was there to run a session of Tapestry, my GURPS Fantasy campaign), I played a round of Settlers of Catan with my hosts. This started out with her repeatedly rolling numbers that gave him and me resources, but not her, and both of us were pulling ahead of her. I kept getting such large hands that I was worried about having the Robber played on me and losing half of the current hand; more than once, I traded in four cards of one resource for the one card of another resource I needed to do a particular build. He was doing particularly well with building the longest road..

Then she was able to play the Robber first on him (by rolling it randomly) and then on me (by playing a knight) in the same turn! This pulled her ahead and slowed him down. I did a lot of road building and took longest road away from him—in fact, when I connected my two roads I got a length of 14, which was only one less than the maximum possible—so I built one more road to get the bragging rights. In the meantime, she was building a lot of towns and cities, and scoring largest army. So I was at 8 points, and she was at 9, with 10 needed to win.

Then I came up with another really huge hand, and figures I had better play it. I built a city with some of my resources; then I offered to trade for brick, and he took my up on it, accepting my stone card, which really surprised me. And that gave me enough to build one more town in an empty stretch of my amazingly long road, going from 8 to 10 in one turn, which gave me the win.

That was gratifying, but what really pleased me was having things work out so that I got a 15-segment road, something I've never seen before. . . .

(Earlier in the weekend we played several sessions of Sparkle Kitty, a much lighter game, but one I find a surprising amount of fun.)