December 13th, 2018

an adventure

A week ago, C and I went to San Diego for, among other things, a memorial: John Rogers, the long-time president of Comic-Con, had died recently, much too young. Both of us knew him; C had met him when they were both in 8th grade and they had been friends ever since, whereas I met him when I was working on Comic-Con.

On Thursday morning, as we were leaving for the train, we noticed that it was looking rainy, and tool coats and an umbrella. It turned out to be a good thing! We got off the first train at Oceanside and stepped into a downpour. We were in time to catch the next train, though just barely; the Metrolink had been delayed by traffic issues and flood warnings. Our next stop was at Old Town, where the rain wasn't quite so heavy but was unrelenting. A few minutes later we caught the trolley for C's father's neighborhood. At the other end, we saw the sky lit up repeatedly by lightning. We had planned to pick up dinner at the Jersey Mike's a few blocks from C's father's house; we went through with that, but then we had a fairly long walk—and the sidewalks and streets were often inches deep in runoff; by the time we got there, the water had been over the tops of our shoes. It wasn't a full-on flood, but it was alarming to struggle through.

We don't often get dramatic weather like that; years ago, a friend of mine reversed an old joke about England to say that California has climate but no weather. But this was memorable.