April 1st, 2019

trumpets, please!

Just a few minutes ago, I added a couple of short passages to my latest book for Steve Jackson Games, one revising my treatment of an issue and the other covering a newly addressed issue, and then spell checked and word counted. I came up less than one page over the contracted length, which I'm pretty happy with. Then I wrote an e-mail and sent it in.

Now two things happen: I wait for the GURPS line editor to review this draft and return comments, and I wait for the previous book to make it to the head of the playtest queue.

I'm moving forward and I'm happy!

the publishing house of Morpheus

In The Sandman, Neil Gaiman showed his readers glimpses of the library of the Dreaming, filled with books that people dreamed of writing. Over the weekend, I had a dream that approached this from the other side: that of publishing. I was looking over my manuscript for a book designed for running roleplaying games. It was set in an extension of Tolkien's Middle-Earth that described the lands far to the east and their inhabitants: rice growing hobbits, river dragons, and the Two Blue Wizards, whom I have long envisioned as the sources of Taoist mysticism and martial arts. I was really happy with my dream of it and wanted to run a campaign there. . . .