May 15th, 2019


Not long after we moved to Riverside, C and I discovered that Ralph's carried cartons of cashew carror ginger soup. That sounded appealing—all three named ingredients were things we like—and we tried it and have made it one of our recurring quick lunch dishes.

Just last week, I was at Trader Joe's (I go there every few weeks for various specific purchases) and I saw that they had their own brand of cashew carrot ginger soup. Well, I've generally had good luck with them, so I bought a carton, and today we tried it.

I'm sorry to say it was a big disappointment! In the first place, it was much more watery, without the creamy texture we were used to. But worse, it was a lot sweeter; it tasted almost like carrot flavored candy. We actually agreed to pour it down the drain and come up with something else for lunch.

So it's back to the usual brand, Pacific. I'll pick some up on my next grocery run.