January 17th, 2020

preparations, vii

As of tonight:

* The two pressed wood shelves have been hauled away as trash, giving us more space to stack boxes.
* I've moved C's bicycle out from the bedroom, where it was leaning against shelves. to the living room, against a stack of boxes along one wall, giving me space to stack more boxes in the bedroom.
* C and I have gone through her oversized art books and our hardback/trade paperback fiction and selected volumes to donate.
* I've started putting the fiction into boxes.
* I've changed my pension to be paid to my new bank, starting March 1.
* I discovered that Social Security has changed over to paying my new bank, a month earlier than they told me the change would happen.

Unfortunately, in the process, I made some negative progress, by handling boxes incautiously, tearing handhold openings at one end of each of two boxes. Those boxes have to be discarded, and we need to buy another load.