February 1st, 2020

preparations, ix

In the past week

* I bought tickets for flights to and back from Lawrence at the end of the month.
* I submitted a request to have my annuity paid to my new bank account.
* C packed more ceramics and more tchotchkes.
* I didn't quite get all our books packed, because I ran out of boxes; we need to buy a few more. However, the outsize books are mostly in boxes now; only the cookbooks and how-to books still are untouched. So I'm now behind my planned schedule.
* We took two boxes of books to the county library as donations.
* We figured out dates for the trip to Lawrence, assuming of course that we have a place to move to.

progress of a different sort

I've completed my first pass through the editorial comments on my new GURPS book, making requested changes as I went, and submitted a couple of queries to the line editor. Now I have a few more weeks to finalize. The one big thing to be done is going through one mechanics-intensive section and making sure that I understand what I'm being asked for before I start revising. I also need to insert a few cross references to an older GURPS book that covers some related ground.

If all goes well, I should be able to turn this in before move preparations go into the final stretch.