February 8th, 2020

preparations, x

This was a somewhat distracted week; C's father died on Wednesday afternoon, while she and her older sister were visiting him at the hospice. (We knew his time was limited, as he had lung cancer that had metastatized, but he went very quickly from gradual decline to precipitous failure.) C and I both visited him on Saturday, and then C drove down twice more, staying overnight on the day of his death.

But here's what we got done:

* The last boxes of books are packed, though a couple still need to be taped
* C is working on another box of ceramics
* We have gone through the kitchen and decided what things in it to discard or donate
* I've started packing boxes to take to a thrift store
* We reviewed moving companies online
* We have a bid from one moving company, we have an appointment from another to send a representative over Monday and make a bid, and we're waiting for a call back from a third