February 14th, 2020

preparations, xi

Carrying on from last week:

* I talked with representatives of three different moving companies, and picked one.
° The least expensive company proposed to drop off a 16' portable moving container, give us a day to load it, and pick it up on the third day. But that would have meant hiring crews to load and unload, and also paying for a permit. And I also wasn't comfortable with my discussion with them; they were a little to eager to arrive at terms and get me to sign up in the first conversation, and that damaged my sense of trust.
° The most expensive company didn't have any obvious problems—except that they were the most expensive: nearly twice what I had been hoping to pay.
° The third company was just right: they asked for a detailed inventory and photographs (originally they were going to send a representative, but apparently they don't have one in the Inland Empire), they prepared a detailed bid, they discussed what might cause the final amount to rise or fall, and their really high end was still less than what the most expensive company wanted. So I signed up with them.
* We inventoried the things in the top shelf of the bedroom closet and decided what we could do without.
* We took two boxes of things we didn't need to keep to Goodwill.
* C finished packing two boxes of ceramics, leaving us with about one box of ceramics and one of tchotchkes to go. Plus the Museum of Natural Curiosities.
* I arranged for future payments of our Medigap policies to come from my new bank account, not my old one. The only thing still to be dealt with is my Medicare D policy, which I'll change as soon as this month's payment is deducted. Of course, once we've moved, we'll have to find new carriers, as our current companies don't operate in Kansas. But for now we're nearly ready to close our existing accounts.