February 21st, 2020

preparations, xii

At this point the preparations are starting to take on a blurred quality. . . .

* We ran out of some of our packing supplies and bought more.
* C has packed two more boxes of ceramics. They're taking up more space than I had anticipated, with double-layered wrapping in bubble wrap and cushioning with plastic peanuts.
* We went through the linen closet, most of the bedroom closet, the things on top of C's desk, and most of the things stacked under it, and decided what to donate or trash.
* We took a look at Craigslist and made plans to sell a few things as the move got closer. (We've never used Craigslist, so we needed to see what it involved.)
* I reviewed my list of possible apartment complexes in Lawrence, defined a path for visiting them, and called half a dozen and made appointments to take a look at what they had. I classed one more as marginal (to visit on the second day if I don't feel I've put in enough applications) and wrote one off, based on the pattern of reviews on Google. I also looked at various apartments that weren't in named complexes, but that just came on the market lately, and picked one more to take a look at on the second day. At this point, I have three picked out that look promising.
* I set up tabs on Safari, and C and I went through them and looked at how well the floor space worked in each.
* I called up the local Toyota sales/service outlet and made an appointment to bring in our car for comprehensive maintenance before we go on the road.
* C moved her prescriptions to a new drugstore that operates in Kansas as well as California.

(Just out of curiosity, I looked up our current apartment, and found that it had worse reviews than any of the ones I looked at in Lawrence, including the ones I thought sounded too low-grade. Comparison with our present situation helps put things in perspective!)