February 28th, 2020

preparations, xiii

I'm posting this a day early, because the week so far is a natural distinct interval. I dedicated it to flying to Lawrence, looking for an apartment, and flying back.

This actually was far less stressful than I had anticipated. I had done a lot of online searching, and come up with a list of six places I thought possible, of which three were top choices. I called ahead and made appointments to see them, with enough time in between for bus trips. My plan was to apply for two to four of them, to improve the odds of one being approved by mid-March. I also had a couple of backups choices picked in case too few of those looked good.

As it turned out, that was overpreparation, partly because the technology has changed. The first place I visited—one of my top three choices, and in the best location—proved to be suitable: It had significantly more space than our current place (and two bedrooms rather than one), it cost $200 less a month, and it had an acceptable pet policy (when I asked about cat policies, the leasing agent went right to "no declawing requirement," so I imagine than question has gotten asked a lot). After we added in pet rent and an optional garage, it was up to $100 a month less, which was still acceptable, especially since the market rate here in Riverside appears to be $200-$300 more than we currently pay. So then I asked about how long it took them to approve an application, and was told, "About 20 minutes." I filled out an application on a tablet, called C in Riverside and had her go online and fill out her part, I paid fees via electronic funds transfer, and we got approved. So I went ahead and signed a lease for 1 April move-in.

We live in a science fictional world.

Then all I had to do was call the other apartments and cancel my visits there, and wait for my return flight two days later.

Now we can begin making preparations, without holding off on anything while we wait to confirm that we have a destination for the move. There's a lot to do still.