March 7th, 2020

preparations, xiv

Less progress than I had hoped; both of us have come down with a lasting cold that leaves us less than fully functional, just at the worst possible time. We'll be relying on the movers to do a significant fraction of the packing.

* C has finished packing the ceramics, other than two large pieces that will require individual handling.
* I've collected all the remaining books that need to be packed at the very end. (I'm tempted to take them in the car, if there's room, as they include volumes that are high priority to unpack.)
* I've bought new comic boxes and repacked our comics in them, and added a handful we've bought since moving.
* I've nearly emptied the refrigerator, in preparation for cleaning it and listing it on Craiglist.
* We've cleaned our large crockpot, which we'll be donating.
* I've bought a plastic box sized for carrying Pendaflex files, which will hold our personal identity papers, car papers, and the like.
* I've called our movers and reviewed our situation with them.
* I've requested shutdown of our electricity here; requested initialization of gas and electricity in Lawrence; and made arrangement with AT&T to terminate our service here, and to notify them for reconnection once we've moved in in Lawrence.
* I've heard from C's sister-in-law about arrangements for us to drop off C's mother's sewing machine and pick up her father's Macintosh. The sister-in-law's parents are here in Riverside, which simplifies the issue.
* I've researched pet friendly motels, and C has reviewed my list. It looks like every city we want to stay in has at least one Wyndham chain, so I plan to talk with Wyndham directly about the trip.

Whew, that's not quite as little as I feared. But a lot of the next two weeks will be driving around on errands.