March 13th, 2020

preparations, xv

Once again, our progress was hindered by neither of us being well. On Sunday we visited urgent care, where C got prescriptions for antibiotics and eyedrops, and I got prescriptions for antibiotics and a decongestant. Over the days since then our energy has been returning.

* C called up various motels and made reservations for us, making sure they would allow a cat. The number for the motel in Kingman took us to the Wyndham chain, which got us reservations for Gallup, Colorado Springs, and Hays as well.
* C and I each got in touch with our Medicare D carrier and made arrangements to have our coverage changed from California to Kansas.
* I finished cleaning up our refrigerator and listed it on Craigslist—but then I decided to verify that it still worked, and when I plugged it back in it didn't come on. Fortunately I was able to get in touch with our junk hauling firm and schedule a pickup the same day as our loveseat and my computer desk.
* C went through her closet again and picked out some more clothes to donate.
* We bought a number of supplies for Macavity, some through Amazon, some at Petco, and some through our cat sitter, plus a cat tranquilizer from our veterinarian.
* C called her sister-in-law's father and arranged to drop off C's mother's sewing machine at his house for her sister-in-law. As I understand it, C's father's Mac Mini will be waiting there for us to pick up and take away, to replace the older of our two.
* C sorted out and packed up the things that came with the sewing machine.
* I found an e-waste recycling location for Riverside County and mapped out how to get there, and I've sorted out things like lithium batteries, CFL bulbs, and our landline phone, which now works so poorly that it's not worth transporting it.
* I scheduled shutdown of our telephone/broadband connection for a week from now, so my next post will be a day early and then I'll be offline for a while.

Wish us luck!