March 19th, 2020

preparations, xvi

I can't give a very coherent account of this week's progress. The stuff I wrote about last week got done. We've taken a carload of things to a thrift store (Goodwill wasn't accepting donations, but a more specialized one we called was glad to have them) and tomorrow we have some large items being hauled away to a landfill. That reduces our load of things to be packed. I called the property management, and they want us to put the keys in an envelope, drop them into the rent slot, and let them know someone can walk through; they're avoiding human contact.

I don't know how the trip is going to go, but I've mapped out gas stations, convenience stores, and fast food places near all our motels. Kansas is telling people from out of state to self-isolate for two weeks, but once we're in the apartment I think that will be manageable; it will be a huge relief to have a functioning kitchen again.

Wish us luck.

I'll be offline tomorrow morning, and for probably a couple of weeks.