May 13th, 2020


In our project of getting our new place fully furnished, since furniture stores are largely closed, we've ordered some things online. Yesterday a new nightstand arrived, earlier than expected.

Unfortunately, when I opened the box and took out all the pieces, I discovered that they had enclosed the instructions for a different model of nightstand. I've e-mailed and asked the manufacturer to send the correct instructions, but I haven't heard back yet. I hope they come through! If I don't hear by the weekend, I'm going to try to put it together without instructions; I can probably figure out how the pieces fit together, but getting the six or eight different types of fasteners into the right holes seems likely to be a challenge.

And I'm annoyed at the delay. How hard can it be to see that the model number on the instructions is the same as the model number on the set of parts? Apparently too hard for these people . . .


Well, now the floor lamp is assembled, and I have two LEDs in it, with light output 3200 lumens (about the equivalent of 200 watts incandescent). They flicker on the low setting but light up steadily on the high setting. I was able to get it into the corner space framed by the electronics stand and the drafting table that serves as C's desk, and it lights up the living room quite well.

The new cat carrier is assembled, and I've dumped the old one, whose handle tended to pull out of the top of the carrier.

And the nightstand is assembled and is at the head of the bed on C's side, with a box of facial tissues and a coaster. No doubt it will acquire more stuff.

I also put together a new desk chair, a week or two ago, but my desk won't arrive till sometime in June.

We still need at least three sets of bookshelves and a loveseat. I've been having trouble finding shelves that meet my needs; our old shelves were 36" wide, and I assumed that that would be a really easy size to find, but it seems to be rare now . . .