May 16th, 2020

kitchen tricks

In recent months I've adopted two different practices in cooking that seem to produce better results than I used to get. These may not be arcane or little-known methods; they may just be things I was slow to figure out. But I'm happy with the results.

* Our old Dutch oven, which I discarded just before we moved because the nonstick coating was a wreck, had a tight-fitting glass lid, which happened to be a perfect fit to our new stainless steel skillet as well. So I kept it. Keeping things covered while they cook shortens the cooking time by keeping the heat in. With meat, in particularly, it also keeps the moisture in, so it stays moist and tender while it cooks.

* We acquired a digital meat thermometer last year, which I had used for the occasional roast. But now I'm finding that using it in stovetop cooking lets me gauge when meat is done, avoiding underdone meat and lessening problems with overdone.