May 29th, 2020


Earlier this week, C spotted something online about 28 May being "burger day" in Lawrence. We didn't actually manage to go out that day, but we went out today at dinnertime.

We had used Google Maps to check out burger places in the city, and found that it had a BurgerIM. We had one of those back in Riverside, and liked them, particularly their burgers made with ground lamb; we were pleased to discover one here, and to see that it also had ground lamb as an option. So we drove down there, planning to get takeout.

But while I was waiting to have someone take my order, I had a view of the kitchen staff—and one of the three workers was walking around without a mask on. I went out and told C, and we agreed not to eat there—and she asked me to go in and let them know, which I did.

On the way there, we had passed another place we were interested in, Runza. So we went back there.

A runza, it seems, is a kind of German sandwich, bread stuffed with ground meat, onion, and cabbage—and in this case, at least, with a generous amount of pepper. We both thought they were really tasty, so this counts as a happy though unplanned discovery. Their French fries and onion rings weren't as good—too much salt for our taste—but aside from the salt they were decent. But the sandwiches are worth going back for. I had never heard of this particular product out in California; the closest I had come was cheesesteaks, which I can't eat now because the cheese is too high in fat.