June 10th, 2020

what do they teach in the schools these days?

So my sister put together a cover of "Africa" by her orchestra, as a project for the California shutdown, and sent C and me a link, which we really enjoyed. But I was trying to puzzle out what the theme of the song was, and I decided to take a glance at TVTropes and see if they offered any hints. I didn't find much, but my eye was caught by their comment that saying that "Kilimanjaro rising like Olympus" was a really inept metaphor, because it was saying that a mountain was like a mountain.

Olympus, of course, is not just a mountain. It's the home of the Greek gods. So the song is saying that a mountain in Africa is a home of the divine. I still haven't figured out the song, but I got that much right away.

I don't expect TVTropes to be entirely reliable; it's a wiki. But not knowing that much Greek mythology is pathetic.