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Michael Grossberg, the chair of the Libertarian Futurist Society's Best Novel committee, just e-mailed to let me know that the authors of all but one of this year's finalists for Best Novel have gotten together to set up a podcast discussion on 14 April, at 1400 Eastern Daylight Time.. I expect that the details will appear on our blog in the near future.

I don't normally follow podcasts, but I'm putting this one on my schedule.

I find the sense of collegiality this implies really cool. No one in the LFS had to urge the authors to take part; they came to us having set it all up—so it seems they all feel they have things to talk about, and are interested in talking with each other. And apparently it would have been all of the various authors if Casey and Hunt didn't have schedule conflicts.

One of the things some people don't get about libertarians is that solitary rugged individualism isn't our ideal, however much we believe in "go your own way"; our real ideal is community growing out of voluntary cooperation, of laissez-nous faire! This is a really elegant demonstration of that principle, I think.

It's also technologically cool that this can be done, with such scattered participants: one in Colorado, one in New Hampshire, and one in Scotland that I know of. As I've said many times to C, thank God for the Internet!


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Apr. 7th, 2018 06:07 am (UTC)
The podcast fell together surprisingly easily. Everyone jumped right in.

What we're going to talk about I have no idea, but it should be interesting.

There's another one in the works, but the host is reading the books first so no date yet.
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