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the weekend

Saturday was International Board Games Day, and friends of C's and mine decided to host a gathering of game players to observe it. C and I attended, thanks to their putting us up Friday and Saturday nights. We traveled down by Metrolink on Friday and returned today (Sunday). This was a pleasant trip; there are two attractive stretches along the way, one of substantial hills between Riverside and the coast, and one of beaches and gullies from San Juan Capistrano south to Oceanside.

Friday evening we went with our friends to see Avengers: The Infinity War, a more intense experience than I anticipated; I'll comment on that separately. Our friends also introduced us to a pleasantly light game called Sparkle Kitty.

Saturday we played games; both of us played The Doom That Came to Atlantic City, a Monopoly-style game based on H.P. Lovecraft's fiction, and then I played another horror-themed game, a cooperative one set in a haunted house whose title I forget, while C lay down for a while (she had a migraine). I was having remarkably good luck: I won both Sparkle Kitty and The Doom That Came to Atlantic City, and the group of us were able to destroy our evil twins in the haunted house game, with only one player being eliminated by character death. After that I talked with my old friend JHH, and part of the time with KS and a later part with our host TF, while C later got up and joined a different group of friends in another room. Much of the conversation was about biological science, which JHH majored in and both KS and I had studied; there are really interesting things going on in that field, especially as a result of genomic sequencing.

We were up till everyone left a bit after midnight, so we didn't do much the next day. TF and I got up earlier and stayed up more than the other two, and talked about philosophical zombies and related issues. He and I also talked about how magic worked in Tela, the world that's the setting of my GURPS campaign Tapestry, in which he plays a trollwife healer and mystic. At one point I told him that one of his questions had a definite answer, but it was one his character couldn't have any way of knowing, and he would have to come up with methods of investigating it.

JHH and I had an amusing discussion of the idea of an RPG campaign where every player was required to play a character who was contrary to their normal type; I suggested that I could ask him to play a character who was a serious creative artist with a complex emotional life and relationships, and he proposed that he would ask me to play a genuinely brutal character—not necessarily physically strong, but callous and willing to use harsh methods of dealing with other people to achieve his goals. Each of us thought the other had come up with an interesting challenge.

It was a real pleasure to see so many now remote friends.
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