whswhs (whswhs) wrote,

back to work

At the start of the week, I got back comments on my current GURPS supplement. The line editor and I have thrashed out a few rules issue, and I've started my revision. As of tonight, I've done the great majority of the revisions to Chapters 1 and 2 (out of a total of 6) and added in a vignette, which I've borrowed from GURPS Steam-Tech (after 15 years, I think it may be okay to re-use it). I hope to get through the remaining chapters in a week or less.

Then comes the challenging part: Researching additional material, both from the suggestions in the comments and from my list of things to look into for the revised draft. I'll have around a month to do that. And once that's done, I can do as much neatening up of the organization as time permits.

And then comes the playtest, which I expect to be really lively. . . .

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