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Just lately, a lot of my reading has been of nominees for the Prometheus Award for Best Novel. But for a break, I picked up a book I haven't read in many years, the collected Sonja Blue novels by Nancy Collins, and I've been reading the original book, Sunglasses after Dark. It reads quite differently now, though happily, not worse. Rather, I'm seeing something I don't remember and probably hadn't noticed before: That a lot of it is hilariously funny, not plotwise (the plot is horror somewhat mixed with noir), but in dry comments and literary allusions and puns and absurd situations. I keep by surprised by short passages that make me laugh—for example, the scene in Sonja's career as a prostitute when she's taken to a party and telepathically picks up one guest's image of her tied to a bed, naked, surrounded by frisky dachshunds. . . .
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