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we have the technology

For several years now, one of C's and my household superstitions has been the belief that electronic devices can sense money and will choose to fail any time we start to get ahead. Since the start of the year, we've had a lot of evidence to support that!

* Our television, which we had been using as a combined monitor for C's desktop computer and display for our Blu-Ray (but not as a television; with the digital conversion we could no longer receive the network that showed Lost, so we stopped using our antenna and C later turned it into an FM antenna), stopped turning on. We did some shopping and replaced it with a monitor, since it was very difficult to find any television small enough to fit C's desktop.

* C's cell phone lost the ability to stay connected to our household Wi-Fi for more than a very short time. We found an iPhone of an older model at a discounted price.

* A couple of nights ago, my desktop computer would not come up when I tapped a random key, as it normally did. I had been planning to upgrade to a new one anyway (it was a 2012 model), so I went ahead and ordered one, after verifying that I could use the files on my external hard drive to initialize it. Then we discovered that lots of other things weren't working either, or weren't fully working; we were having, not a blackout (I would have known what was wrong then), but a brownout, and apparently that just wasn't enough for either the computer or the monitor to work. However, even though I didn't strictly need the new machine, I had been planning to buy one, and I have been considered about the old one's continuing functionality, so I didn't cancel the order. (C's desktop, which we use mainly as a media interface, stopped working earlier this year as well, and I had planned to move my older machine over to replace it, so that's what will happen to it now.)

* Just yesterday, I discovered that some of the control keys on our microwave were no longer responding. Now, I could do a workaround by entering two times that added up to the time I wanted, but the failure was an omen of likely further loss of function. So now we have a new microwave.

I really hope our devices have gotten tired of the joke. . . .
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