whswhs (whswhs) wrote,

trumpets, please!

I just sent my new GURPS manuscript off to Steve Jackson Games. The actual deadline for the first draft is 14 October, so it's going in early. But it had reached the point where fiddling with it any more would feel unproductive, kind of like that point in playing go where it's clear to both sides that adding more stones accomplishes nothing. So I've hit SEND and heard that satisfying whoosh!

In a way, this is a followup to a previous project, applying some of its content to a specific topic. And unlike several preceding books, it has a fairly large bibliography, which was one of the things I've been working on over the final weeks.

Elsewhere in the news, my previous book is going through the final stages of production review before it gets released. I'm not sure exactly when that will be, but I'm hoping for this month. It's partly a gear catalog and partly a history of electrical technology, for the benefit of GMs who want to have authentic toys for their campaign year. I'm hoping it sells well, as we're having higher expenses than usual. . . .

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