Gods in Four Colors

18 December 1949
I originally joined LiveJournal for gaming-related reasons: to post writeups of games in my several roleplaying campaigns, read writeups posted by my players either for my campaigns or for other campaigns that they run or play in, join and contribute to communities created for these various campaigns, and otherwise exchange campaign-relevant information. That's largely gone by the wayside, as only about one of my current players is active on LiveJournal. Nonetheless, about half my posts seem to be about games I run, books I write for Steve Jackson Games, or more general gaming-related topics.

On my last update, I said that my roleplaying gaming was in transition. It appears to be in the process of settling down. I'm currently involved in four games. Once a month, I play in koressa's Call of Cthulhu campaign, Road to R'lyeh, set in Seattle in the late 1940s; since she's in San Diego, I Skype in. Roughly every other month, I travel down to Poway to run a session of my GURPS Fantasy campaign for several of my San Diego players; this is about members of several different humanoid races traveling about the world of Tela by sailing ship, exploring and trading. Once a month, I run a campaign for a group of players in Riverside at a local club; I had been running a GURPS Steampunk campaign set on Percival Lowell's Mars, as a way to get the local players acquainted to me, but I offered them a vote on the next campaign, and they went for Mage: The Ascension, set in London in 1905. Finally, C expressed a wish to do some roleplaying, and after some discussion she decided she would like to try King Arthur Pendragon, which I've been curious to try running for years; I've decided to start the campaign in the year of Arthur's marriage to Guenevere, and I've found a suitable starting location in what is now Somerset. C and I have just created characters for a short campaign our friend M is running via Roll20 to try out his homebrew rules set Stuff of Heroes, which will be invented world historical fantasy.

I also post philosophical, literary, and political comments and random thoughts and jokes. Larger pieces often appear at http://www.troynovant.com/ .

My journal is named to commemorate my regular 'zine in the APA Mutations, which I ceased publishing in January 2005 with monthly issue 253.